Wanna feel like a Jedi? You know, with all the effortlessly batting deadly projectiles around with your sword? Alright, well then, this week’s Epic Games Store free offering is for you.

Titled Creature in the Well, Flight School Studio’s pinball-inspired, hack-and-slash game casts players in the role of the last remaining BOT-C unit, a robot tasked with exploring an ancient facility inside a desert mountain. The facility is haunted by a Creature that must be defeated before players can achieve the ultimate goal of freeing the city of Mirage.

A standout feature of Creature in the Well is the game’s combat, which is described as “pinball with swords”. Players charge up energy orbs and then use their swords to knock them around the facility in order to reactivate machines and stop a sandstorm. But it’s not all fun with swords and orbs. Players must also explore the mountain through eight hand-crafted dungeons, unlock gear, and escape the challenges set forth by the creature itself.

Creature in the Well features 20 unique items that players can use to customize their playstyle. This includes upgradeable weapons and clothing that affect how the game is played.

Normally, Creature in the Well will run you $15, but you can grab it for free this week, as long as you grab it before next Thursday.



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