gloria victis

Those pesky player-neighbors getting on your nerves in Gloria Victis? Or perhaps you’re just one of those people that want to watch the world burn? Either way, the game’s latest update is for you. Update adds the ability to burn wooden object such as fortifications, farms, and lumberyards by just taking a torch to them. This is going to come in very hand during sieges.

Unfortunately for the burn-ee, the ability to defend against such onslaught will not be arriving at the same time as the ability to inflict it — although the devs promise it in the “nearest future.” So, for right now, it’s Burn, Baby, Burn.

In addition to this fire-lovers’ feature, the devs also revealed that internal tests are being done to improve the inventory system and fix depot issues. New animations and controller improvements are on the way as well. Full details on the update are available in the most recent Changelog.

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  1. They need to put in moats with piranhas, sharks and alligators with berth so wide its almost like an ocean. lol Thats the only defensive answer here as the update is only good for the attacker.
    A bit flawless to add such a thing without a defence for it.
    The devs should have left this in their test bin, as they have released an unfair update it seems.

  2. wtf when will this game be done ?!?! its been in alphas and shit for years. i wanna buy it but it may be in alpha for 2 more years…

    • never bro this game is one of many cash milking unfinished crap games made for idiots….
      never pay for a unfinished game…… never!

      • its no fun playing a game that’s unfinished and still in alpha type test staged, forever and ever!

        WE used to be ones they’d call upon!
        As We used to help these devs test their new games with our own free time!
        Now they just use the new mug marketing plot and people pay like its a done thing in the mass’s. forgetting they still have use their free time to test for something now they had pay for! What a dumb population it is today.
        These so called game devs know they don’t have to finish the game as your paying & signing for a state of game that says its never has to be finished at all. = you are the mug.

        This act by so called game devs should be brought up before the Law courts!
        it is a cash cow vial act placed upon an innocent ignorant public arena.

    • Its devoleped by a small team so they need you to buy the game so they can fund it and if they rushed it it would turn out just like “No mans shit” its better for a game to be in alpha for ever then been unfinshed when lauched lol


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