Lead Developer Explains What's Next For XDefiant After Failed Console Certification Tests

The upcoming free-to-play FPS might still launch sooner than later.

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I personally have never heard of a AAA game failing one console certification test, let alone two, but at least Ubisoft is being transparent for fans of XDefiant (which was rejected by PlayStation and Xbox).

Mark Rubin, the lead developer behind the upcoming free-to-play FPS, has provided a comprehensive update for folks eager to play. He said the submission process, where the game is tested for compatibility with platforms like PlayStation and Xbox, includes internal testing and compliance checks — and any issues found must be addressed before submitting the game for certification. If the game passes these checks, it can proceed to launch preparations.

Rubin then outlines the current status of XDefiant's development, noting that the initial submission did not pass due to compliance-related issues. The team has been diligently working to rectify these problems, he said, with the hope of making a successful submission in the coming weeks. Depending on the outcome, a release in mid-to-late September is possible, but a conditional pass that requires a Day 1 patch could push the release to early/mid-October.

The reason for not providing a firm release date is explained as a result of the game’s development approach, emphasizing transparency and community feedback. XDefiant has undergone extensive testing with millions of players, Rubin said, and the release date is being determined based on when the game is ready rather than adhering to traditional industry standards. He expressed gratitude for the community's support and promises to continue working closely with players to make XDefiant the best it can be.

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torithechicken 8 months ago
Reading the blogpost does make it seem pretty transparent(?) and it's an interesting read honestly. I like that better than strict deadlines that are clearly too rushed, so I'll give a thumbs up.

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