Update 2.0 will be coming to Trion Worlds’ free to play, sandbox, MMORPG, ArcheAge soon. If you’re an active player, there’s a lot to look forward to in “Heroes Awaken.” For the more ambitious among you, leading your faction to war with the new Hero System may sound like a good time, but there’s a lot of work that goes into becoming a leader.

The Hero System serves as an election based system where players work through content to gain Leadership Points and Reputation Points. Leadership points are gained through open world PvP, completing party and raid quests, and earning reputation from peers. Every 30 days a new election will be held to determine who will become Heroes.

For the first 3 weeks of the election cycle players will scramble to earn the above points. In the last week, the top 20 players (Leadership Points wise) will be placed on the ballot for election. During Election week, all players at or above level 30 with at least 50 Leadership Points can cast one vote for a candidate of their faction. The 10 players who receive the most votes will become the official heroes for the next 30 days.

Elections will result in 10 Heroes becoming their faction’s council for the next 30 days (when the whole process replaces the current Heroes.) Check out the cool rewards Heroes receive and their ability to call the faction to arms in the full dev post.

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  1. Bad grafics,free pk system+pk faction(pirates)=Sh*t game.
    P.S. Dont forget about inflated CS prices.(money grabbing style)

  2. Faction heroes are not a new concept in MMORPGs, but I hink they are the worst things to introduce to a game. Even PvP tournaments lock out most of the players, because not everyone has the time/money to keep up with the aquisition of the best gear/items. And these extreme top level PvP contents only get to the top 100 players. This is the greatest luxury for a game to release content indirectly restricted to a very small percent of the player base, not to mention, that this may anger the rest of the players.
    And since ArcheAge has the traditional control system, the PvP battles are mostly won by gear, not really by skill, which makes the players with premium equipment dominant in the rournament.
    In my eyes, this game went from the best to the worst after the open beta release. I haven’t waited any other game this much, and haven’t been disappointed this much before.

  3. The players that are still playing are obviously fueling them enough for keep wanting to pull income from it and while the game itself is great in my opinion the underlying aspect of not owning a house without patron turned us off from playing for good we wanted a sandbox and got a sandy sandwich

  4. I actually have to give it to XL Games and Trion, they are really persistent in trying to make such a disaster successful, even if it is beyond redemption. Although I do not know whether they are either simply to make up for their mistakes or going insane. Because we all know what the definition of insanity is.

  5. It seems to be common practice that originally Asian marketed games that are moved over to NA market later on have this issue. It’s leading me to believe that they get more out of making them cash grabs over here in NA to milk us instead of giving us a more quality game. If it’s more profitable they will do it and it worked before and continues working they will keep doing this. This is why I’m skeptical of BNS and Black Desert now.

    • AA is not trash. It is one of the better MMORPGs on the market….it just happens to be rather poorly managed. Other then that it is a great game and I’m sure this new system will be a blast for those still playing!

      • I can’t say I agree with you on that. I’ve played the game for about a month and at some point around level 20, the game started to feel like a chore. Zones look the same, quests are so boring, there is both English and Korean voice acting, which is a totall mess, at level 35 I teamed up with some random guy to kill mobs for a quest, next thing I know, the same guy I was teamed up with is attacking me, that’s when I knew the game is bad, not to mention the elites in normal quests that you can’t solo kill.

        The game has good and bad aspects, but mostly bad.


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