League of Legends is a complex game, and Riot Games is OK with that. In fact, according to Design Director Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, the dev team often makes decisions to increase the game’s complexity even if it comes at the sacrifice of accessibility.

Street bases his talk on how a game is meant to be something with a simple goal — in League’s case, destroying the other team’s Nexus — with challenges thrown into the mix. In League’s case, those challenges are represented by things like towers, minions, and opposing players. How the dev team can tweak those challenges and how players find solutions for them in terms of builds and strategies, is at the heart of design, with the ultimate goal being to take the easy choices, such as the current state of rune selection, and make them harder.

One of the initial thesis of League is that it wasn’t going to sacrifice depth for accessibility… League wasn’t going to go after being a super easy to learn game for fear of losing the depth that the team wanted League to have.

This stands in stark contrast to many multiplayer online games out there, which have long courted accessibility to try and draw in as many players as possible — including World of Warcraft, where Street previously served as Lead Systems Designer. It’s a formula that’s certainly worked well enough for League, which Street says Riot co-founder Brandon Beck refers to as “a niche product that just managed to land in a niche that ended up being pretty large.”

Of course, there are plenty of people who would say that League is the “EZ mode” MOBA out there, as compared to something like Dota 2. That’s why it grew so large, that it is to earlier MOBAs what WoW is to earlier MMOs. It’s still very complex compared to the vast majority of video games out there — just as WoW is complex to people who have never played an MMORPG — but to coin a phrase, complexity is in the brain of the beholder.

I think the line between “accessible” and “complex” might be a little finer, though, at least in terms of the game elements Street is talking about. There are, I believe, three levels to “getting” a game like League: understanding the basics, becoming a good player, and becoming an optimal player. When you hear about “accessibility,” it’s usually about overcoming thatfirst barrier, that of understanding the basics; a decent tutorial and new player experience can do that. Then you can become a good/competent player, able to play the game at a reasonable level and enjoy yourself most of the time.

But there’s another “jump” required to become an optimal player, the kind that can find ways to squeeze that extra 3% DPS out of their characters or shave 0.2 seconds off their reaction time. The kinds of changes and problem-solving Street mentions seem to me to be more about that third level of play, while maybe affecting the second level a bit, depending on how ubiquitous they are. I don’t know that they affect new players, looking for an “accessible” game or that League is any harder to learn for a new player now than it was five years ago. Maybe his definition of “accessibility” is more about getting players from that second to third level of play, rather than my (somewhat subjective) notion of getting them from the first to the second, or even into the game in the first place.

Anyway, read Street’s article for yourself, and let us know what you think about the direction that League of Legends’ gameplay has taken.


  1. The Problem with LoL is that its not evolving, it stay the same with the only content, they can tweak it all they want but it doesn’t change at all.

    • For Riot this isn’t a problem at all. They make money hand over fist with this game. Change in video game industry is quite dangerous.

  2. The game is a scam. Zero improvemnts done to the game. They acctualy remove stuff. And their constant nerfs/”balancing” is pathetic. They only do that to force people to spend money on new OP champs.
    The game is owned by tencent chinese company and those developers working at riot are pathetic little kids

    • I gotta say this is wrong on so many levels. But I do agree on the pathetic little kids and the toxic community since I’ve heard about it from so many people. And league of legends is supose to be available on console in some country idk where I can’t remember but it won’t be available in the USA or if it will be not right away at least.

      • Champion prices only reflect release order(mostly) not their viability and strength.
        Some of the cheapest champs are the most used ones for several years now, so no.
        You just got stomped by some1 and you come here to blame the game instead of looking for ways to improve.
        Typical toxic “COME 1V1” player attitude, good riddance you wont be missed.

    • league of legends map has been modified once. Dota 2 map has been modified plenty of times. Dota 2 has custom modes, you can make any map u want and Valve Hosts events that has new maps in them with rewards(cosmetics).

  3. It’s been tweeking the game…aside from adding new characters…what else has it added to the game??? NOTHING LoL is sitting on its butt just raking in the money…where are the new maps???

  4. League of legends sucks in my opinion but I still say MMORPGS would be better then mobas since I highly dislike mobas. And I also heard about the toxic community in league of legends so I doubt I’ll try it.

    • even if you try it, you will most likely get your ass kicked, because there are rarely new or bad players, everyone is a tryhard and you will just die over and over

      i suck at mobas and i dont play theem, but every now and then when a brand new one launches and i decide to try it out, sometimes i dominate, but thats because my enemies are even worse than me.. a few days ago i tried one of those new ones, but i was surprised – everyone was better than me, so i got completely wrecked 😀

    • League of legends I would say isn’t a good or a bad game at all, there are many many things in it that the players find their love in, other than that once you start playing( Heed my advice) you literally can’t stop unless you pry yourself away from the game completely, because the devs have made this game very, very, very, very addicting.

      Peace and Love

    • Even I have to agree with you. They just recently tried advertising things I loved and it almost made me checked out league of legends. But I had enough power to stay away from this game 🙂


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