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Sometimes… just sometimes… we don’t want to log into a game and play a competitive round. Sometimes, we feel there are certain things that we really need to work on a bit before taking on the other team. League of Legends players have been asking for just such a thing for a long time. Now, they’re finally getting their wish.

Today, Riot announced on the North American LoL site that a “Practice Tool” is available. This announcement follows a post made on the site a month ago in which the developer teased the tool, detailing what players will be able to do with it.

According to the post, players will be able to use the Practice Tool to work on their champion mechanics, jungle practice, familiarize themselves with maps, and more. It offers players a selection of commands designed to adjust play to their needs, including turning turret fire and invulernability on and off, adding gold, selecting player level, and a large selection of other options.

This is great news for those looking to work on their game. As stated above, the mode is available on NA servers now. It is expected to follow in other regions shortly.

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  1. Don’t mind the comments saying “i would of added this a long time ago I know I would have”. I bet they probably have never made a game and probably never will, it’s extremely easy to look at something and judge it and say you could do better when you really have no idea what your talking about. I recommend this game, just don’t take it to serious and play with a group of casual friends. After all it’s just a game, and what are games for if not too have fun?

    • Even I agree with you when saying it’s extremely easy to look at something and judge it and say you could do better when you have no idea what your talking about. But seriously though the devs should of added the practice mode when it launched instead of waiting this long that’s just my thoughts on this subject. But otherwise I’d recommand this game if your a moba fan but if your not a moba fan like me then I wouldn’t recommand this game.

    • Ill ask you guys this then…you want to loose everyday and 20%winning rate? no ofcourse not ofcourse it’s for fun games are supposedly to be like that but i don’t see anyone going to enjoy loosing everytime.not to mention in internation tournament games IT IS still a game but the prize money is important too anybody would be pissed when they know they lost $12 million dollars because you picked a team mate that is bad as hitler made twitter or stalin made the worse joke since the revolution in russia.

  2. Why even bother? it’s not like the majority of the player base would even bother using it there are more idiots than good team mates in the game i recommend not playing this if you want to win the only thing you’ll ever get are team mates that would worse than minions in the game.

    • I’m sure a majority probably won’t but I still think it’s a good idea but I think it’s a little late at this point. I think they should of added it back when league of legends first launched.

  3. I don’t play this game and don’t intend to ever but WTF WAS THE DEVS THINKING you would think they would of added this a long time ago I know I would have. The practice mode is an important part of the game so it can teach you how to play the game. I know league of legends is a competitive MOBA but you would of expected at least a practice mode so players can get a feel of how to play the game before jumping into the competitive mode.


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