League Of Legends' Next (Reworked) Champion Is One Stealthy Lady **Updated**

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Apparently it's Ninja season in team-based games. Just a few short days ago, Hi-Rez revealed Koga in Paladins, and today Riot dropped a trailer for League of Legends' next (reworked* see update below) champion, the rogue assassin Akali.

Details on Akali's (updated) kit have yet to be made available, but judging by the video -- and by the fact that she's a freaking ninja -- she's fast and stealthy, and has a lot of attitude. She also sports some bad-ass tattoos, apparently has no time for anyone's BS -- even her own clan, and... She seems to enjoy some ramen.

You can get a look at her in the trailer below. And of course, we'll keep an eye out for when details on her abilities drop.

Update** Sorry guys, I got this one wrong. She's not a completely new champ but an older one receiving a rework. Still, she looks pretty spiffy. Thanks to Megingjord for pointing that out to us. ~Q

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Discussion (1)

Megingjord 5 years ago
It is not a new champion,it is rework of an old champion named Akali.

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