Riot Games has finally come to terms with a developmental debate they’ve had for a few years now. Talk around the office about reviving Sion, the “mage with an ax,” has apparently been batted around for a while, but in patch 4.18 the Juggernaut finally returns to League of Legends in the form of a new, more defined (and undead) champion.

Straight from Sion’s dev blog, “Old Sion had countless problems: he was a mage with an ax, he’d end up with two redundant abilities regardless of how he built, his model had aged horribly, and he had some pretty… interesting voiceover. Worst of all, none of these “qualities” actually worked together, so while modern champion designs try to create a cohesive identity through their gameplay, story and art, Sion was all over the place. After deliberating as a full group, we – the Champion Update team – decided to undertake our grandest project yet, updating Sion’s art, narrative and gameplay. We basically buried old Sion, ordered the orbital strike, then picked through the rubble to find the diamonds we could carry through in his update.”


The revival and re-focus is certain to be well received, but I can’t help but think this character model looks a bit familiar…maybe that’s just me.

Check out the full reveal page for Sion’s complete move set and get ready to slowly lumber your way across your lane!

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  1. sion was so powerful now it’s just a killing machine, not sure why they thought he was underpowered.. just saw a sion kill 3 guys at lv.1 without dying lol

  2. the new sion looks like an Orc from wow :P.
    But the rework itself (after trying it) has massively improved the game play of the champion and hes actually worth playing now.

  3. There’s a noticeable typos in the description…

    “mage with an Ax,”
    “Old Sion had countless problems: he was a mage with an ax”

    – TheTyposGuy


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