As the April 30th launch date for Perfect World’s new Neverwinter MMO approaches, the developers have released a new trailer for the Great Weapon Fighter class. Unlike the previous class reveal trailers, this trailer is all about the action. I’ll be honest and say it’s a bit hard at times to tell what’s going on. There is lot’s of weapon swinging and an overall lack of personal safety as the great weapon fighter seems to prefer leaping right into the midst of enemies which is enough to cause any healer to instantly be on edge.

Not to worry though, as it seems the GWF is built for such encounters with wide sweeping AOE attacks, knockdowns, slows and gap closers. Oh and there’s also BLADDDESTTTORRRMMM.

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  1. CHz sorry to say no pay2win.. if you dont mean save 1-2 days on playing by buying an item instead but u dont WIN anything since its not a game with prizes šŸ˜‰

  2. @Soooo…

    Well first saying that Nexon announced that when the EU version of Vindictus no one will be left out and I have also communicated with them to verify that Cyprus will be allowed to play in the EU version and they lied.. Vindictus EU comes out and Russia , Cyprus and Isreal IP blocked?! Nexon can go to hell … PWE/Cryptic makes better games than them and listens to it’s community.

    • Well, to be more correctly, Nexon didnt ban countries which can play their games. (NO! Iam not DEFENDING NEXON, because they suk). Its the game developers who ban countries who can play their games.If you want to play vindictus Eu yo ushould contact wiht game devs.

  3. DEMACIAA deleting tera for this, idk why im deleting tera, prolly worried it takes space kyehehe :> max settings here I come!

  4. After playing the game, it definitely falls short for being an action MMO. Tera seriously makes it hard to love other action MMOs. Tera’s combat is just flawless compared to this. I still feel like it’s lock-on, just with a little extra work. Dodging feels…messy. Can’t describe it any other way.

    But the quest creator is truly a work of art, and easily makes the game worth playing. It’s a damn cool idea and I hope they expand the crap out of it. Awesome, awesome feature.

  5. Nexon, I hope you are paying attention.. All you need is a mission editor for Vindictus or Dragon Next and wallah, you have the “next ‘great’ mmo”..

  6. Well PWE/Cryptic did a good job on this one .. probably going to play as trickster rogue and cleric ..

    see you all on 30th šŸ˜€

    • considering this is going to be the first MMORPG worth a dick where DnD fanatics can dungeon master by creating complete campaign quest-lines, and has user-generated content that doesn’t look like Minecrap via the Foundry….I doubt it will fall for a very long time.

      • Don’t hate on minecraft…it’s got shit graphics but throw some mods on it like mcMMO and it’s a pretty damn good game.

      • You do realize that it is out yet? Founders can play this weekend and in about two weeks from now is open beta. So practically, it is out. So go ahead and re-download “spell” (donno why u uninstall in the first place…)


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