Primed: Prime World MOBA opens up closed beta registration

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor Posted:

Developer Nival has announced the start of closed beta registration for their castle building, persistent RPG MOBA Prime World.

Prime World forgoes the usual solo tri-lane map more notable MOBAs like LoL and Dota favor for a more diversified approach. Players can expect at least six game modes including a 3v3 and 4v4 map. Instead of choosing from a variety of static heroes, players can recruit individual persistent heroes and equip them in between battles with collectible and upgradable talents.

You can sign up for the closed beta by visting the official site here

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Discussion (47)

Jellopy 10 years ago
I don't hate mobas but they need to try to go a step further and make one in a non instanced truly persistent world. i just can't enjoy most instance based or room based games. The only exception are some hack and slashes similar to diablo and pso.

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guthling 10 years ago
i played this game on russian servers. u can get 40000 ms ping on the middle of game without any reason.
dont play this shit.

ExHuman 10 years ago
looks like nice game
and yeah LoL players, its not real moba, so please skip it

HellcatM 10 years ago
The main negative I see is it looks like an auto attack game. I refuse to play another auto attack game. Abomb

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Enegel 10 years ago
just telling it's nothing special. Played this game for a few month... it's not an average moba..but still a moba)

rakanms 10 years ago
nice game i think u must try it

Sliekery 10 years ago
This looks alright. I don't get all the hate on MoBa's though. People aren't complaining about all the asian mmo's that come out each day. And they are the same everytime. People talking about its a copy of this its a copy of that. Well ofc it has the same mechanics, its a game in the same genre. We are not complain about every shooter has guns, or every mmorpg has quests or mobs to kill. People non stop spouting BS about LoL being a ripoff of Dota. Hell ofc it is, its created by the same dudes that created the Dota map in the first place. Why the hell do you think the made MoBa games in the first place? The same with other MoBa's. And ofc we are seeing allot of them now a days, they are freaking popular. You'd be stupid not to create a moba if you can. Not because there is allot of new things you can add but because its just a fun genre.

------>WOW FIRST MOBA! DOTA RIPPED OF WOW! <----- This wrappes up how 73% of the people flamming about these moba's look like.

Enegel 10 years ago
this game is just a clone of Dota and LoL. The diference is that you can build your own castle and gather resources so its kind of a strategy game s bit. At the beggining you have to chose a fraction but it doesn't matter which one i think cuz the heroes and tallents are the same for both of them! tallents in this game play the role of equipable items which you usualy bought from a vendor in Dota or LoL. But here in Prime world you collect prime for killing enemy heroes and monsters which is used to learn equiped tallents in the battle.
Not a writer thou .. so i can't explain everything//but this game is still a copy of the first moba games like dota. Played it for little more than half a year ...nothing special!

Lord of Cinder 10 years ago
Another Moba, Honestly it just seems everyones hopping onto the band wagon to make money,no originality just copy-paste. But I guess I'll/we'll gave to wait and see how this game goes.

asdas 10 years ago
Looks way better then LoL or Dota 2- check

dagudman 10 years ago
There are probably more mobas that are going to come out. The games probably started development when there were still very few mobas, they saw that there wasn't a lot of competition. Many other developers saw this as well. So they all started makeing a moba. But now that the mobas are almost finished. They can't just waste all the money they had put in them, so they have to release them.

ugurano 10 years ago
i hope this moba here going die

GamingMaster 10 years ago
For the love of God! let MOBA's die ... MOBA this and MOBA that ...

LET IT DIE!!! ...

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slaughterer0 10 years ago
Mounted !!!

FallenSVK 10 years ago
BlinQ somebody like LoL somebody like Dota2 in my opinoin LoL is much easlier to play it have better gameplay you must buy champions to play with them so it can be more competitive because i like that i must do something to get really good hero not just click on him like in Dota2 , Dota2 is harder MOBA game than LoL but LoL is more funny game for me.

mat 10 years ago
dubstep ruins all trailers.. sorry, but dubstep sucks. and im sorry to say is LoL will be the only real moba. so why bother trying to make copies of it

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Agitated 10 years ago
Da fuq is everyone using Bold text?

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Unmarked 10 years ago
:/ still no moba where i can create my own character

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Black horse 10 years ago

wangkal 10 years ago
To be honest, some new games like Guild War II, EVE, City of Heroes are great. Also, Age of Wushu offers unique fighting skills. It's really appealing to me.

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Jooq 10 years ago
Mounted XD

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