Yesterday, Legends of Aria Project Lead Derek “Supreem” Brinkmann dropped by Reddit for what turned out to be a rather serious AMA regarding the game’s development. The AMA itself wasn’t one of the longest on Reddit. A lot of the questions answered had to do with things the developers had done previously — such as swapping back and forth between rulesets, and the ongoing merging of servers.

As would be expected, there’s concern among players that some of the newer rulesets will result in unwanted constant ganking by red players. It turns out the team has a few things they’re working on to take care of that issue — one being the elimination of the karma system in favor of the more commonly used method of using “criminal flags, murder counts, and skill loss”. The other solution is to prevent red players from using tricks like logging out to evade being caught after an attack. This includes region-wide alerts when someone is murdered in-game.

Another issue brought up regarding rulesets addresses how the system handles PvP vs PvE — particularly why they can’t just be separate servers. Not surprisingly, this has a lot to do with server population and assuring that there are enough players around to keep things interesting. The good news is that the developer’s decision to make the game moddable already allows for player-run PvE servers for those that would really rather not bother with PvPers.

Of course, there were plenty of other questions focusing on things like mounts, crafting, and more. Those interested can find the entire thread here.

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