Legends of Aria‘s next major update is only two days away. When it launches on February 19, it will introduce a series of changes for Militias, including the addition of Militia keeps. Quite a bit of this information was gone over in the live stream we covered earlier this month, but since then, Citadel Studios decided to offer a brief look at just Militia Keeps and how they’re structured.

The keeps are located outside militia towns where they protect capturable flags. As mentioned in the previous post, this new system involves acquiring and using Spirit Wood to maintain the keeps. This new resource is only available to those in control of the Spirit Wood Mill in the Black Forest, so players are going to have a constant fight on their hands to keep up with it. The resource is also used to construct battering rams, so everyone is going to want control of the mill.

The rest of the system is pretty much what you’d expect from a capture the flag system. Some militias will attack while the ones in control of the keep at the time will defend. This is only the beginning of what the developers have planned for the new system as more resources and mechanics are slated to be added in the future.

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