Legends of Runeterra recently entered beta, and Riot Games is already hard at work making changes to the game — mostly in the area of balance for competitive modes. According to game designer Steve Rubin, who spoke to PCGamesN about what’s currently happening with the game, the Legends of Runeterra team is tackling some big challenges “out of the gate.” They’ve set their sights on not only balancing main gameplay modes but preparing for limited and future ones as well. The idea is to ensure that all competitive modes are “fair and regulated to the same degree.”

Other goals the dev team hopes to achieve involve making all the cards in the game a viable option for at least one deck. They hope to avoid over-nerfing them or allowing them to become obsolete. Should everything work the way they’re hoping, Legends of Runeterra is supposed to offer players “fair and regulated” competitive formats. Of course, we all know balance can be fairly tricky so we’ll see how it goes.

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