OGPlanet has announced the open beta date for the upcoming dog versus dog shooter GunDog. The third person shooter plays role reversal and has the dogs waging world wars instead of us humans. The last open beta will commence on June 28th and will run for an announced amount of time before being officially released.

For those wondering what separates GunDog from other shooters besides the fact we play as man’s best friend, the answer is; collectible cards, comic book art style, and classes. Players can choose between 6 different playable classes which each have their own special type of weapon and role. As a player progresses with one particular class he will be rewarded with class cards which unlock other versions of a particular class and may even grant additional abilities.

You can check out our first impressions of Gundog above or sign up for the upcoming beta on the official site here.

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  1. PEOPLE PEOPLE THIS GAME IS NOT MADE FOR FREAKING SERIOUSNESS AS YOU LOOK AT OGP THEY LIKE FUN GAMES…. anyone off of that caps it’s like any other fps mostly like tf2 it has almost the same classes and if you actually play it and stop b****ing about it maybe, just maybe you might like it it is just a really good game just try it before you leave a comment raging on this game
    i just want to see how OGP fks up this game like they did with Lost Saga and make every good thing cash but if they dont make it like that and this game actually stays up past open beta for atleast a year (T.I) then yea give it a try
    Sincerely, Furry

  2. This game probably should’ve just shut it’s doors when they heard some of the communities responses. The game looks bland, dull, and boring. It’s really nothing new.

    I have no problem with the Cartoony Animal feel, hell, look at Conquers Bad Fur Day (Original, not shitty Xbox one). That game did incredibly well, but it was far from just a generic shooter. Most badass Teddy Bears, and Squirrels anyone has ever seen.

    This game just looks… Meh, probably best to not waste more money and resources on it, considering it’s bound to shut down within half a year tops. But whatever, not my game, or money.

  3. I think the game looks great! I had a chance to play it when it was still in CBT and it was a lot of fun. With all these cloned FPS games our there, it is refreshing to play a TPS that actually has original game mechanics and features such as collectible, customizable/upgradable cards which are used as your character/load-out in-game. Not to mention the unique skills each class has are amazing and add a great dynamic to the game.

    I am very excited to see what changes they’ve made for the OBT, should be a lot of fun!

  4. There is nothing wrong, with a new concept as long as its well coordinated and done.
    It could be fun.
    Since all the games coming out these past years are exact copies of each others.

  5. )) They wear clothes, shooting guns, walking on two legs but for some stupid reason sprinting on their four 🙂 Game is a joke. Even if people playing that, it’s like creativity went completely wrong way.

      • who cares for that this game is really awasome,it does not need some strong pc to play it,it is very balanced there are 6 classes and each class have lot of characters and diffrent stats,and u cant switch them in game


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