Lilith Games Highlights Sniper Missions And New Mini-Game With New Warpath Trailer

The dev also announced a new mini-game.

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Warpath Sniper

Warpath, the military strategy game from Lilith Games – available on PC and mobile devices – boasts several features, including customizable military units, realistic weapons, and tactical gameplay. One of the features the developer is proud of is the game’s sniper gameplay.

To highlight this, the devs dropped a sniper trailer. It is a cinematic trailer, so don’t expect it to show you the mechanics, but it does look cool.

The game has sniper missions that allow players to destroy buildings, vehicles, and ground troops. Players can also play defensively and defend their allies. Players can make use of thirteen different types of armaments, with several in each type. There are also more than 1000 modifications.

In addition to the trailer, Lilith also announced the new Tank Tower 2 mini-game. This game can be played on the Warpath site and offers players a chance to win in-game resources such as assault rifles. To play, build a tank tower by stacking tank blocks. Climb the leaderboard and work your way into the top 500 to win prizes. There are even real-world rewards on the line, like $300 gift cards.

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