Mobile-Based Military Strategy Game Warpath Will Arrive On PC This Month

The PC version boasts graphical improvements and other “PC-specific features”.

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Military strategy game fans have a new offering to look forward to on PC. Although, it’s one they may have already played on their iOS or Android device. Titled Warpath, the game is a project from Lilith Games, which is mostly known for its mobile offerings. Warpath will launch on PC on April 21 as a free-to-play offering and will be available exclusively from the Warpath website.

The PC version of Warpath launches with graphical improvements and features specific to non-mobile devices. These include a graphically detailed battlefield as well as keyboard shortcuts and bindings that can’t be done on mobile devices. To celebrate its launch on the platform Lilith Games is hosting a special event titled “Be a Commander” during which players could win cash or in-game prizes.

Warpath features iconic wartime locations. Players build military units and build bases, cooperating with allies to take on their foes. Players can expect customizable weapons, aircraft, and all the features that are generally associated with the strategic military genre.

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caspramio 1 year ago
The game itself have a pretty solid base on gameplay and sense of progress, but the P2W features and the currency preference for asian territories can make it unbearable at long term.

Also, the change of the original story and the introduction to the nefarious "sniper game" (another way to cash the whale) is not only bothersome and problematic, also it can be an unconvenience if you may be on PvP or with no shield or protection of any kind.

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