Fornite‘s latest patch has gone live and it’s added a more relaxing limited time mode to Battle Royale. The Playground LTE allows players to build massive structures and get some weapons practice in with their friends — all without having to worry about 99 other players trying to get a shot in.

The new mode allows a squad of players to do whatever it is they want to do while there. Of course, they won’t be completely safe. While playing in playground mode, friendly fire will be on, and the storm will start to close in… eventually. Don’t worry, it takes 55 minutes for it to start.

To make creation easier, resources can be accumulated at 10x the normal rate. Also, 100 Llamas will be spawned on the map and chests and ammo boxes will spawn 100% of the time. (Some of you might want to watch out for those super sneaky friends we all have.)

The update also adds Dual Pistols, and… a super-handy feature… map markers that will show you where your friends are. Of course, they have to be placed first.)

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  1. It’s about time, as it is fun building or trying to build, now they can actually build something of merit. but with the cloud seems to make the effort, redundant.
    I say dump the cloud all together for a new game arena. Just have a battle royale as it was filmed, find the last person end of story, glorified structures or not.


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