Later this year, you can play Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction for free! Experience the large-scale castle sieges, clan wars, and head-to-head Olympiad competition that made Lineage II famous.

“Truly free” means no separate account types or blocked game content. Other than the in-game store items, all game content (character creation, races, classes, skills, zones, bosses, quests, clans, crafting, warehouse, auction house, chat, mail, forums, customer support, and so on) is free. And the Goddess of Destruction update offers roughly four times faster game progression and over 400 hours of gameplay.

The L2 Store will offer items to supplement your gameplay in the form of XP/SP boosts, potions, buffs, and other consumable supplies, as well as cosmetic items and hunting helpers. In addition, you can purchase premium packs that accelerate character leveling for a longer period and contain exclusive items not available for individual purchase. But you never have to purchase anything from the L2 Store in order to enjoy the game mechanics or story content of Lineage II. “Truly free” means exactly that: Buy only what you want, or play all the way to level 99 without purchasing anything.

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  1. I never take real what others say about mmorpg games they are just said nubs that lost time without having fun . I played this game today with a trial and the only problem is that I cant move with WASD , I hope in this MAJOR update that mentions “rich gameplay” will be WASD move option , well I played it 1 day and I must say its very good and I didnt even got deep in story , so yea fk u all kids haters another dude is going to play L2 F2P when it launches haha QQ

  2. Its never too late to see the game that created all of the other mmorpg it will be like taking a step back to history.Also it has KICKASS PVP one of the best so when will it be F2P?

    • The more old, the better, more content and is a ex-p2p game so its high quality with a company that released the best games on the market (Guild Wars,Aion,City of Heroes) and the cash shop gonna be something PW-like with no advantages to who pays

  3. OWWW YEAHHHHH i waited soo long for this,i played in privates and i LOVED the game!Good Story,of course it have grinding but every game have grinding and the PvP is AWESOME!And the Raids, and something that is missing in today-games,chalenge, because a boss is a REAL chalenge.Cant wait to play this classic for free

    PS:Anyone noticed that this is the year of change?This year we have countless p2p games turning f2p!!

    • I agree man!!
      To tell the truth, I didn’t like that much any of them XD except for lotro wich u can’t fully enjoy without paying… Anyway… something really is changing! 🙂

    • what makes me laugh is that the news that l2 goes free to play probably killed A LOT of servers that were making a shitload of money by selling special items to players. i just want to say GREAT job to the game owners cause they made it free 2 play … its the right thing to do 🙂

  4. @Valentin you can’t have possibly tried this unless you know korean or russian.

    @thepitholl they are changing the whole leveling process from 1 to 76 to be based mostly on quests so no more mindless grinding (I doubt there will be none but still it’s great news)

    Great news! I can’t wait. Also european service will be provided anew from the company Innova featuring brand new servers and a new security system which is very effective against bots and 3rd party programs. Innova is well known for its success on handling Lineage 2 in Russia keeping a clean and happy enviroment for all players.

    • @narutoboy omg there is no way to let you play this horible game anymore….get a life and start something new and better dont waste your time to this old style of gameplay…

      • i dont think you know that this “old style” game is considered one of the best of all times and i played in privates and is REALLY cool soo shut up i think you never played

      • its a great game … u just havent tried it for a longer period of time i guess and u cant understand why so many people want to play this now that its free

    • i have boted L2 some time ago and i will probably bot it again 🙂 … i work many hours and i cant really enjoy the game properly if i have to break my back to grind for armors and weapons …. now if they add more quests then sure i`ll play it without any bots cause it would be a pleasure. people only bot cause they dont like grinding that much. other then the fact that the game wass based on grinding a lot the game is awesome … pvp in this game is really good …


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