Closed Beta Testing in Korea is on the horizon for Lineage Eternal. NCSoft announced today that players would be able to register for the game’s CBT starting next week on November 10.

While this is good news for Korean players, it looks like everyone else may have to wait a bit for a chance at joining the game’s beta testing. No announcement has been made for any other country as of yet.

That said, I think that while it is possible NCSoft might be electing to keep the game in Korea, it’s unlikely as there is good money to be made off the rest of the globe.

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  1. Am I the only one who hates “teasers” with zero actual gameplay? Like, what’s the point? Nobody’s gonna go “wow this game looks amazing, I gotta try it”…

  2. NCSOFT is a publisher and do not develop meny games on there own. mmorpg like guildwars 2 is publisted by NCSOFT and that game is amzing. but ncsoft got noting to do with that game more then itss market it some. and Lineage Eternal gona be a great game looking forward to this game.


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