NCSoft announced the upcoming launch of the next update for its free-to-play MMO Lineage II this week. Titled Grand Crusade, the update will ask players to defend the Keucereus Alliance Base to stop the Embryo threat. As part of their quest, players will travel through the Mystic Tavern and even lead the attack on the Messiah Citadel.

New content isn’t all that’s coming in the update. It also includes class updates, system changes, and more. You can check it out in the video above.

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  1. 4Game killed this game in the Euro by opening Russian and euro servers (not giving a **** about the euro players) Then NCsoft killed it in the US allowing bots.

    • Stay away from this game. The likely hood of you ever catching up to players that have been playing since forever is IMPOSSIBLE, you would have to spend easily 5k$+/ buy someones account. If you wanna play casually, then by all means, great game to go raiding. However, don’t complain when u get obliterated by yellow wings full shining armors/weapons squad that have spent 10k hours+.

      Great game, horrible company.


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