Linkrealms free-to-play is almost upon us. Beginning October 10, all players will be able to access the game via Steam or the official website without the need of a purchase or a beta key.

While the game is going free-to-play, players need to keep in mind that this is not the official game launch. Full release is planned for 2017, and testing will continue until then. Mythyn is simply opening the game up in order to test systems that need more people on the server.

For those interested in Founder Packs that haven’t purchased them as of yet, there is no need to worry as they will still be available for purchase and offer special perks. More information on the free-to-play launch and the impact it will have on the game is available on the game forums.

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  1. Game, isn’t too terrible. It’s very reminiscent to Ultima Online, minus A LOT of what made Ultima great. It’s missing a whole slew of skills, has an extremely toxic community, it’s land mass is extremely small, not many like their loading small zones instead of one seamless map like UO (minus loading dungeons, T2A, etc), afk/macroing, two boxing to get a head in terms of skill gains is pretty much the norm if no encouraged, and their criminal system was non existent (basically free for all pvp) up until a few months ago. Even now, it’s still a joke, with veteran players that have been in the game for YEARS owning new players without recourse since they never had a server wipe.

    Yes, this means new player will be at a huge disadvantage considering the larger old guilds have a monopoly on dungeons, best housing spots, and the like (Again, land mass is very small.) This game is by no means P2W, no matter what any idiot would like to say. Even item repair kits, you can repair but your overall durability drops every time to a point where it will break after a certain amount of repairs, that will boost your items max durability +50 and give you a full repair…can be traded for in game gold or items from players that bought them from the item store.

    The game could of been great, but they botched their first Steam early access launch with a pretty much incomplete game, with incomplete systems in place, and with a vastly toxic veteran community that basically drove new players away. Although I did like the game somewhat, it by no means is worth the frustration in my eyes.

    • Oh crap, and here i thought i was going to enjoy me some good ol’ school game. But after reading this i kinda don’t feel like it anymore. :> Thanks for heads-up.

      • No problems 🙂 just want everyone to know the game is highly toxic community, very incomplete, super small, no chance of advancement if you don’t belong to the top 3 guilds, always play with someone, macro or 2 box in a house to get skill gains, and HIGH level friends or guild to farm the bosses for a 1% chance at descent loot.

        As I said, I really really wanted to like the game. The house customization is cool, although wonky ui, the semi clown like color scheme for the updated old school graphics sorta works for the game, and the base idea of the game is pretty cool. Just man, after so many years in development the game is missing a HUGE chunk of systems (both for gameplay and players well being) and content sorta slowly sinking the game. That and the first EA launch on Steam basically put the first nail in the coffin for the game, and with this F2P launch…lol, I bet it’ll be the same complaints. Cheaters, 2 boxers, ghost scouts, lack of skills, lack of content, and inability for new players to compete due to 5+ years of disadvantages on veteran players. Oh wait, yeah no wipes remember? 😀

  2. It’s not a bad game. It’s quite alright actually. I enjoyed my few hours in the game in winter beta. To bad the beta keys were actually some sort of free trial with reduced max skill levels compared to paying testers.
    I hope this f2p model will not be the same.


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