Lost Ark’s August Update “Under The Arkesian Sun” Will Launch On August 24 Brining With It The Pet Ranch

There are perks to having pets.

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Lost Ark Pet Ranch

The time has finally come. Now, with Lost Ark’s August Update, the highly anticipated Pet Ranch will arrive on August 24. Players can enjoy a new Stronghold location where players can play with their Pets and earn valuable Pet Expertise points at the new Cookie Workshop. Players will be able to build their expertise and eventually upgrade their pets to Legendary Pet status, granting them powerful skills, an extra Pet Inventory storage slot, and new customization options.

The Pet Ranch allows Pets to not only grow stronger while generating valuable resources, but these furry friends can also earn Pet Expertise to level up while producing Jam Cookies that can be exchanged for rewards. The Pet Ranch will be separated into two sections; the Ranch and the Cookie Workshop.

The Ranch allows Pets to regain Morale while playing with other Pets. Morale is important because without it, Pets will no longer be able to produce Jam Cookies. The amount of Jam Cookies that can be produced by a Pet also depends on the Pet’s grade, upgrading the Pet from Rare to Epic to Legendary will produce more Jam Cookies.

Once a Pet is upgraded to Legendary, several features will be unlocked. Legendary Pets are granted a random powerful skill and, at random intermittent intervals, one of 3 effects granted by the skill will be applied to a player while in combat. There are 5 Pet Skills which can be randomly unlocked or switched between.

In addition, there will also be oodles of Pet Ranch Items and Rewards to be unlocked. The Jam Cookie Vendor has pet-themed cosmetics, weekly rewards, card packs, and more. Players who are eager to learn more about all the fun to be had in the Pet Ranch as well as reading more on the 5 Pet Skills arriving on August 24 can head over to Lost Ark’s official page.

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