Lost Ark’s Latest Video Provides Players An Overview Of The Lands And People’s Of Arkesia

It’s a diverse land filled with people that need protecting from the demons.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Lost Ark Lore Trailer

Lost Ark’s official launch date is just a smidge under a month away on February 11. Of course, Smilegate and Amazon are working to get players hyped. Today, they dropped a new video offering players a look at some of the game’s lore. It gives a very brief overview of the origins of Arkesia via The Ark, how it drew the attention of Kazeros thus making him a threat, and how it was broken up and scattered to make it difficult for him to find.

Most of the video is dedicated to highlighting the different regions and peoples found in Arkesia. It begins where players will begin, in Rethramis, and goes from there. The locations vary from magical forests to technologically advanced cities and everything in between. There’s a lot covered in just a bit under six minutes. If you’re planning on playing the game, this will probably be a good watch – unless you’d just rather go in blind and discover each of the lands as you explore. That’s okay too.

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Flintstone 2 years ago
The game creators seem to of done a great job getting this game to us, lets hope it is as they say, which, I'm sure it will be. :)

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