Lord of the Rings Online fans have faced this question before: Will our game shut down? In days past, it was the nebulous threat of Turbine’s/Standing Stone Games’ contract with Middle-earth Enterprises not being renewed, but that seems to have abated, with the game surviving 2017 — the initial end date of the contract — and beyond.

More recently, it’s the new title by Athlon Games set in Tolkien’s universe that has players worried. Despite assurances to the contrary from SSG, the possibility always exists that the new game could supplant the old, in much the same way that Star Wars: The Old Republic pushed out Star Wars: Galaxies, despite similar assurances.

One player was concerned enough to send a letter to Middle-earth Enterprises, holder of the Lord of the Rings IP, to beseech them not to terminate LotRO when the new game went live. Surprisingly, he got a personal response from someone at MeE who claimed to be a LotRO player and said that both games would indeed co-exist, for Middle-earth gamers old and new to enjoy.

The original letter and its response are lengthy, so we’ll provide an image here. You can see the original post and comment thread for yourself on Reddit.

The usual caveat — that things can change, especially if the people in charge of the money (who we’d assume aren’t answering fan mail) change their minds — but this at least serves as an additional ray of hope for LotRO fans that they’ll still have their version of Middle-earth to trek through for years to come.


  1. Obviously it will shut down, Look what happened to star wars galaxies after swtor was released. Do you really think its good business sense to tell there paying customers the game “may” shut down when this next lotr mmo launches.

  2. LOTRO is a good base game, problem is the pay wall for new players. Pay wall after pay wall, it’s a massive insta delete turn off. Game would do a lot better if they revamped the cash shop/paywalls.

    • Even if you buy the current content, it will be very expensive and the game feels like a gimped version of WoW that also has an outdated engine and many flaws that aren’t fixed, like the map for example is one of the worst I’ve seen and the objectives shown on it too are hard to distinguish.

      Then more content will come out and will require you to pour more money. Forget LOTRO.

      Better invest in ESO. I bought the game and some of additional paid content and I’m very pleased with it. They added a daily login reward system and it’s very generous – you gain Crown store crates that you usually cost money, but you get them for free a few times a month just for logging in and they contain nice cosmetics, mounts and others. Also they are generous enough to hold free weekends where you can play paid content for free. Also for November they will be giving away one of those DLCs for free if you have full attendance.

      Now that’s what I call generous and a quality game. I haven’t bought many games in my life, mostly stuck to F2P titles, but ESO has been the best investment I’ve made and it continues to pay off and surprise me. I never expected them to do all of the things I described, I actually expected the game would go downhill, but it actually gets better.

      On the other hand LOTRO stays the same, they add content sure, but the core game and mechanics don’t seem to evolve at all.


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