The Lord of the Rings Online’s mini-expansion, War of Three Peaks, was announced in September and almost immediately scrutinized by players for its apparent size and price point. Things didn’t get much better when it actually launched a month later, but maybe time — and a new way to acquire it — will heal those wounds.

Standing Stone Games announced today that the Standard Edition of War of Three Peaks could now be purchased for 1,995 LotRO Points, which can be purchased for roughly the same as the expansion’s original $19.99 price. Of course, you can earn LotRO points by playing, or by having an active subscription, so if you haven’t picked up the expansion yet, it might be effectively free for you. If you like, you can still purchase it with real money, picking up either the SE or one of two bonus editions for $59.99 or $99.99.

War of Three Peaks tells the story of Prince Durin Stonehelmson of the Longbeards and his quest to retake Gundabad for the dwarves. It adds two six-player instances and a 12-player raid, as well as a new content type for one or two players called missions. Learn more about the expansion on the LotRO site.


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