The Lord of the Rings Online‘s experimental open PvP server, Bombadil, is now live. From now until July 14, VIPs with characters level 10 and up can choose to represent one of the two sons of Elrond, Elladan or Elrohir, as they compete in the Tournament of the Twins. You can challenge other players throughout Eriador, earning Honour and climbing the leaderboards as you go.

In addition to fighting other players, you can also gain Honour by completing certain deeds. And what can you do with that Honour? Good question! The post announcing the event doesn’t specify, nor does it indicate what will happen to the characters after the event is completed. I suppose the best way to go into it is with a mindset of “What happens on Bombadil stays on Bombadil.” Tom would probably prefer it that way.


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