Update 29 for The Lord of the Rings Online, a.k.a. Wildwood, is now live, inviting adventurers in Middle-earth to venture into the wilderness surrounding Bree-land. There they’ll find two factions vying for its resources: the League of the Axe and the Woodcutter’s Brotherhood. Earn their favor through the region’s many quests and take on the two new three-player scaling instances: Woe of the Willow and Agoroth, the Narrowdelve, which are free to VIPs.

The Spring Festival is also in full swing in LotRO, this time adding a new event, Bee’s Big Business, as well as new rewards, through April 6. Also returning shortly after this update is the boss battle against Naruhel the Red-maid, whom players can challenge starting tomorrow, the 18th.

The complete patch notes for Update 29, including all the various tweaks and bug fixes for the game, can be found on the LotRO site.


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