Love Is In The Air As “Nukes And Snukes” Gets Some Attention In The Finals

The latest update kicks off the Valentine’s Day Event

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The Finals Valentines Day

What are competitive game shows without at least a little romance to add to the drama… especially on Valentine’s Day? Well, we’re sure some can live without it, but it seems The Finals won’t have to. Today, Embark Studios dropped Update 1.8.0 for the shooter game, introducing a list of improvements to everything from audio to security.

The update also brings an end to the "Steal the Spotlight" events and kicks off the Valentine’s Day event. During this event, players are encouraged to team up and turn in contracts to earn six love-themed unlockables – which can be seen in the video below.

A highlighted feature of this update is the changes to “nukes and snukes”. Now, red canisters will feature physics that cause overloaded cans to drop more quickly and be less predictable. The accidental double explosion and stacking damage have been removed from barrels with attachments as well.

For Xbox players, there’s additional good news: the patch includes improvements to input latency specifically for the console. Additional changes can be found in the patch notes.

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