luna online reborn

Suba Games announced today that its free-to-play, fantasy MMORPG Luna Online: Reborn has officially launched following beta testing. The game is completely open to the public and is already being updated with additional features; including a new Guildhall system.

Luna Online offers a variety of features — even for would be home-makers. Players can start their own families, own their own houses and farms, and even have over 100 pets to choose from.

To check out the game, head over to the official site to download it.

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  1. It’s on open beta atm with aloooooooooooooooot of things, bugs, stats, monsters and everything else to be balanced wich they’re working on it atm. not to mention there’s no anti botting system atm, so think about it. haha
    dunno why they’re taking SO LONG to fix things so important!

    • Perhaps it has something to do with it being a shitty game barely anyone cares about and whoever cares about it doesn’t fork enough cash to even buy an anti-cheat, sounds about right you think? ^^)

      • you’ll be surprise on how many people that play this game maybe you should play it first before judging it by how it looks thats how you lose in life

        • Pfft, i did play first that pile of junk in the closed beta, i haven’t changed my opinion since then and never felt that i “lost” anything. :>

      • I won’t play the game, because the game’s time has passed long ago and the mechanics aren’t appealing, but your comment is really shows what kind of a narrow-minded person you are.

        I would say that those games don’t have a place in today’s gaming world and its standards, but outright bashing the game for not being as modern and shiny as you would want it to be, that’s pathetic.


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