Mabinogi's "NEXT: New Beast" Update Improves The Leveling Experience For All Players New And Old

The update is just the first of 2 updates planned to improve player experiences.

Michael Byrne
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Novemeber and December are both seeing updates to NEXON's Free MMORPG Mabinogi, and November's update was just unleashed today.

"NEXT: New Beast" completely overhauls the leveling experience for both new and returning players. With UI improvements, updated tutorials, a streamlined and accelerated leveling curve, and overhauled character growth, today's update caters to those that like to level or are considering coming back to the game.

This leveling update isn't just an increase in numbers, though. The revamp includes a reorganizing of quests and the removal of CP Training so monster levels don't matter in training requirements. Hell, you even unlock skills for cheaper prices, too. Check out the full rundown for more details.

December's update will be a bit more "content" focused bringing the introduction of Arcana talents and the Elemental Knight and Harmonic Saint.

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