Mad World Devs Have Posted More Videos And Images Highlighting Its New Grotesque Environments And Bosses

While players are waiting for the next beta test, here are some new clips/images of monsters and settings.

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

Mad World Creepy Setting

Jandisoft has updated Mad World's website and published videos/images of new grotesque monsters and settings for players to view. Everything revealed is more of a preview, so there may be some changes in the future for these additions.

Players can view all the clips and images on the revamped Mad World website, alongside leaving any feedback for Jandisoft from previous beta tests. Fans will find three video clips of creepy-looking bosses fighting allied players and two more on zones with roaming enemies. Those bosses: Belphegorian Hellfire, Shaman Toom, and Indescribable Monster, are new enemies with short clips, each showcasing unique animations and their quirks during real-time combat.

As for the two environments shown, "Blood Swamp" and "Veggie Diner Paran," there's not much to report about them besides the new creepy props and strange monsters wandering around the 2+ minute clips. In the former, you can see bubbling blood water separating splotches of land, and the latter focuses on a throne of bones beside strung-up torsos. Each video also plays out music befitting the dark scenery.

If you'd like to see more of these clips/images, check out the Mad World website.

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