Mad World Lore Teasers Are Really Focused On Corpses, Like REALLY Focused On Them

Everything revolves around corpses.

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Mad World Corpses

Just in case you were wondering how dark Jandisoft’s Mad World is going to be, the developers have an answer for you. In fact, their latest teasers answer the question pretty well, with a big focus on corpses. The latest teaser trailer, titled Dark Encampment, focuses on a community that seems to rely on corpses for everything, food, clothes… You name it, they apparently have a use for it. And yes, we’re talking all human corpses.

It all makes a great deal of sense when you take into account that the Cthulhu myths are inspiration for the game. But don’t worry, it won’t all be terrifying and menacing. Villagers may be stealing clothes off rotting bodies, but it’s only because they’re hoping for something better… sometime… in the future.

Of course, that hope might be quashed a bit by the existence of a creature that is grown from eating corpses.

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