Gravity Interactive, one of the publishers behind Maestia, announced today that Maestia had officially launched out of open beta and into full release! The Chief Operating Officer at Gravity Interactive, Jay Choi commented, “As promised, Maestia’s open beta was short, intense, and full of excitement. Now we’re ready for the full launch, with plenty of exciting content in store for new and returning players…We’ve also got some amazing plans for Maestia throughout the year, and we’re looking forward to revealing frequent content updates for all levels.”

It’s nice to see developers talking about frequent content updates for all levels so quickly after launch. The first of these expansions is slated for September and will include a level cap increase, numerous new zones, and further UI tweaks. With Maestia sporting over 80 skills per class at launch, it is crazy to think how many more skills will become available in future patches. With the full release launch comes also the launch of the cash shop which thankfully only seems to include vanity items and experience boosts.

Time will tell though whether or not Maestia becomes a staple free to play MMORPG or just another passerby. If you guys want to try out Maestia for yourself you can head on over to the official website to find out more information about the game or download it.

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  1. ronhardo on August 1, 2012

    too bad i tried downloading game 2 time and yet will not allow me to play. All it says “connecting to server” AND THATS IT

    • Hawei on August 12, 2012

      maestia is region lock to Europe only, so maybe thats why you cant log in if your in any other country

  2. Razor on August 1, 2012

    this game sux, i have played it in open beat. There are like 100 players overall maybe less so whatever

  3. DragoonisMystic on July 31, 2012

    Hummmm thinking about giving this a whirl or not , I’m waiting for RaiderZ to start in Aug. But it may be interesting to do so . 🙂

    • lilfighter on August 1, 2012

      You could play Maestia a bit until RaiderZ starts CB. I`ve alpha tested the game and I can assure everyone it will worth the wait!

  4. jdrew2000 on July 31, 2012

    the game was laging even with everything on low . i have an ok computer the only games i can realy run are battlefeild 3 swtor yea know games like that

  5. jdrew2000 on July 31, 2012

    hmm ill check it out and make a first look for it on my yt channel is guss

  6. Jethrayne on July 31, 2012

    Tried it out. It’s boring.

  7. lilfighter on July 31, 2012

    Gonna give it a try, the actual impression was not that good based on the graphics.

  8. Sabin on July 31, 2012

    the game looks fun, too bad i can not download the game at all, even after unnistalling akamai netsession.

  9. Carlos on July 31, 2012

    U-U great GAME