The rewards system in Magic Duels is getting a bit of an overhaul today, to make PvP matches more appealing and to reduce the amount that players have to repeat content in order to earn coins.

1v1 PvP match rewards increase from 20 to 30 coins, while the rewards for completing easy, medium, and hard daily quests increase from 20/40/60 coins to 50/75/100. Wizards of the Coast isn’t just doing this to be generous, but to provide more variety, as the most efficient way to earn coins was previously to play the hard-level AI over and over and over again. These changes are being made because “players shouldn’t have to decide between the way they really want to play Magic Duels and the way that will earn coins most efficiently.”

All this is being done in advance of not one, but two new sets coming to Duels in April. Oath of the Gatewatch and Shadows Over Innistrad will add 304 cards to the game, as well as new Story mode content and more. You can read the full details on today’s patch on the Magic Duels website.