Magic: Legends’ PC Open Beta lands tomorrow and, because they’d really like people psyched up for it, Cryptic and Perfect World have a special livestreaming event going today. In fact, it’s up and running right now. Throughout the day, until 6pm Pacific, players can watch their favorite streamers play the game, and maybe even win Pre-Release access to the game.

Each of the streamers, some (but not all) seen in the image below, will each have 100 keys to give away to their viewers. If your streamer of choice isn’t one of the many who’ll be participating today, you can also just watch PW_SoFech on the official Magic: Legends channel. The upside to that is that he’ll also be giving away prizes from SteelSeries in addition to pre-release keys.

If you are lucky enough to receive a key, you can even participate in the event in game. Your progress will even remain when the server opens up to everyone tomorrow. Instructions for using pre-release keys once you get one can be found on the Magic Legends site.

On an additional note, if you already had access and just hadn’t gotten around to it, do remember that Pre-Load has been available for a few days and you can go ahead and do that now. Just use the link in the tweet below.


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