The lore for Magic: the Gathering was originally just “two wizards summoning creatures to fight each other,” but over the last two decades-plus, it’s evolved into a rich and complex multiverse of places and people. The Magic: Legends team has already talked about the places, and last week, it was time to introduce the people.

The most recent blog post introduces three of the most notable characters from Magic lore who will be making an appearance in Magic: Legends. The first you’ll encounter is Planeswalker and “storm mage” Ral Zarek. He’s got a “voice that sounds like a smirk come to life,” and he’ll become your first ally. Another potential ally, Nissa Revane, will be found on Zendikar, though it will take some time before she fully trusts you.

On the bad side of things, you have Josu Vess, described as “a storied figure worthy of discussion.” You’ll tangle with him in the northern marshlands of Dominaria. His description in the post indicates that he was “robbed … of all sanity” and “imprisoned and denied human contact, which eroded any lasting remnant of his humanity.” Oh, and then a demon found him and “made him a lich lord of the Cabal.” I think we’d all embrace evil after going through that.


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