When you play Magic: The Gathering, you might think you’re just flipping cards and tapping lands. In “reality,” though, you’re engaging in a sorcerous duel between amazingly powerful beings across multiple planes of existence. There’s a lot of lore tied up in Magic’s multiverse, and yesterday Cryptic Studios tried to give prospective Magic: Legends players some insight into where its upcoming game fit into all that.

The planes of Dominaria, Zendikar, and Innistrad will be represented at Legends’ launch. Dominaria is the “nexus” of the Magic multiverse, site of many battles and cataclysms, now entering an age of renewal. Zendikar is a “plane of high adventure and untold dangers” that’s constantly shifting, while night-cloaked Innistrad is “a plane of gothic horror and dark intrigue.”

Magic: Legends takes place “after the Great Mending of Dominaria, and before the Hour of Devastation on Amonkhet.” The game’s actual story will be revealed as you play its opening chapters, and there are more planes and regions expected to be added throughout the year. Learn more about the regions of Magic: Legends in the accompanying blog post.


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