Mainframe Discusses Pax Dei Monetization, Favors Box Fee And Sub For Now, But Things Could Change

Player housing is a big concern for some players.

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Pax Dei Monetization

When most new MMORPGs are announced, a big question is how the developer plans on going about monetizing them. Sometimes they know right away – particularly if it’s a company that has a lot of games under its belt and is known for monetizing a certain way. Other times, this isn’t the case.

When it comes to Pax Dei, people have been wondering, and Mainframe has decided to address the questions. However, it seems we won’t be getting a precise answer right away. Instead, they’ve offered insight into what the current plan is, noting that the focus is to to be sure they can continue to support and develop the game.

With that idea in mind, their current thought is that the game will be buy-to-play and have a subscription that they describe as “a regular fee for maintaining active player status and in-game plot(s)." So, you know…a subscription. The current plan is also to offer a limited free trial. Optional paid services and even something like WoW’s Tokens might be in play at some point as well.

In addition to the above, the devs have also outlined some monetization “rules”. These are the things they are sure about. They include not doing direct monetization of performance or time skips, not selling items that compete with the player economy, and being transparent about what they’re offering.

If you’re wondering about housing, as the game allows players to claim land in the open world, there is a risk of a player losing that land if they’re not in the game to keep it up.

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