In some unfortunate news that is all too common in this industry, S2 Games has just confirmed a large portion of the Strife development team has been laid off, due to what S2 calls a “byproduct of mis-management prior to Open Beta.”

The news of S2’s layoffs were originally announced on Friday by an anonymous user on Reddit, before being confirmed today in an official post on the Strife forums. According to S2, the layoffs were not caused by poor numbers from Strife’s recent Open Beta launch, or falling player numbers, but due to the aforementioned mismanagement, which saw Strife’s Open Beta team expand to accommodate roughly 80 members.

This was apparently too many, as S2 believed the team size was more of what one should expect from an already established MOBA, one whose had time to grow out of its Open Beta infancy. As a result, out of the 80 or so developers on the team, around 50 of them now remain, something that S2 says was “never the plan”.

Going forward the studio says the remaining team is “extremely optimistic for the future of Strife”, and mentioned the devs would “learn from [their] mistakes and grow S2 Games more responsibly”. S2 also apologized to those directly affected “for the mistakes that led to this event”, before stating the studio had “taken measures to help them as much as possible through their transition”.

Our condolences go out to all those those affected by the layoffs.

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  1. Trumbles on September 12, 2014

    Lel, you’d think a MOBA developer would understand the concept of overexpansion.

  2. Jellopy on September 10, 2014

    “You made a game and put us on the charts, now gtfo” Hope the head of the company ends up on the streets after this.

  3. mobaboo on September 9, 2014

    To many Moba games now. The genre is becoming flooded just like the MMO market . There just isn’t enough players for all these moba games. Most will stick with LOL or DOTA.

  4. Duty14 on September 8, 2014

    I don’t like strife. I got into the game from the beginning and tried to like it but I always gave up on it. My impression is that the game has bad mechanics, weak diversity in gameplay possibilities, weak diversity in heroes and their potential, i don’t like the artistic design and ideas., and a few new changes witch in my opinion are minor don’t make it “the 2nd generation moba “…

    In my opinion this game is wannabe Lol clone with some minor changes but even so it lacks in creative ideas and mechanics. In this state as it is now its potential is below Lol or Dota and even for casual play there is the Smite game witch is way more fun and dynamic. For me Strife is like every other wannabe mobas out there…( even though the S2 games had experience before this with moba genre and should have done better )

  5. anip on September 8, 2014

    another game hit by layoffs… looks like layoffing is the trend these days…

  6. Kbc on September 7, 2014

    maybe this game gets some interessting heroes now, in which this game laks alot. Now after everyone is scared for his work place :>

  7. DatGuy on September 7, 2014

    I seriously think that the MOBA market is extremely saturated at the moment. We already have tons of MOBAs out there besides LoL and DOTA and there are more coming in the next few months (like EA’s MOBA).

    Why not make something else? Savage 3 would have been a great idea.

    • Trenix on September 7, 2014

      Savage was crap, even Heroes of Newerth was better.

  8. xCROOKEDx on September 6, 2014

    I hope the best for those laid off, but I’m honestly not that surprised.. S2Games has always been a studio that scraped by, and they never seemed to be totally on-point with anything.

    Not that they are a bad studio… just a bit misfocused.

  9. GMALONZO on September 6, 2014

    I love Strife.

  10. bigcracker on September 6, 2014

    Strife is a waste of money in my opinion. People have Dota and Lol why would you want to play a game like this? They should of made Savage 3 that game would of brought people in.

    • LJ6148 on September 6, 2014

      its either strife or neither dota or lol cuz i dont find them to be any fun to me

    • xCROOKEDx on September 6, 2014

      Different strokes for different blokes, dude.

    • Quazer on September 7, 2014

      Strife is a very casual MOBA, even more than LoL.
      I think the only MOBAs worth playing are :
      DotA 2 for the original, strategical, hard and classical MOBA,
      Smite for the third person view, action combat, skillshots and more intuitive control while being easy to get into but also having a high skill cap,
      and Strife as the new LoL, easy to get into yet fun. It’s casual but focuses on the action while still staying pretty close to the classical MOBA.

    • Padsoldier on September 7, 2014

      So are all of the Call of Duty games (and the repeated Sims games and the repeated FIFA / NHL / NBL / any other sport game) – yet people keep buying them, so they’ll keep making them.

      I think Strife has a lot more right to exist than anything else mentioned above. It isn’t the same reiteration of the genre, it has some new elements – splitting money on lasthits, out of combat regen, good barrack/ancient mechanisms. Also, it does not have the extremely strict meta that League has, so I for one will definitely play Strife before I’d play League again.

    • Trenix on September 7, 2014

      I personally think Strife is far better than any MOBA that’s currently released. However we’ll see what happens when Heroes of the Storm comes out.

    • Jellopy on September 18, 2014

      Strife is far from my favorite but it is the first genuinely casual friendly moba that you can pick up,play a few minuted and go. So it has its place if they manage to hold it together after firing the people who made it decent to begin with.