Play Revelation Online and have some cash to spare? is hoping to convince you to throw some of that spare change at the game’s Premium Service — in order to make things a bit “more comfortable for a whole month”. This seemingly implies that things aren’t quite as nice as they could be. But hey, for what they list as the cost of “one cone of ice cream” — or €1.99, $2.38 USD — you can fix all that. (Although it should be noted that on the site store, that amount is listed with a “present” of a 7 day premium bundle, while the 30 day premium bundle is attached to the 375 Aurum purchase.)

To help players get started, has published a post explaining how to purchase the Premium Service, along with the benefits of doing so. They’ve also listed the perks players can get from purchasing the 375 Aurum package. You can check all of these out on the Revelation Online site.

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  1. Hmm i loved the way its goes, damm i busy working till late hours and finally i can spend money on the game to get the item i want.
    That will really save my times while i still can enjoy the game while working.

  2. Honestly.. this is coming from me, and runescape did this, the ‘monthly’ subscription plan? the few dollars a month for a more enjoyable, opened world experience? It worked, it was limiting without it, but in the end It actually worked.

    And this is what, two bucks? For a month? Jesus, that’s like asking to empty your pockets for change.


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