MapleStory 2‘s big Awakening expansion is now live, adding a new class, a higher level cap, new gear, a second job rank for all classes, new instances, and tons of goofy new hats. All right, I don’t have confirmation on that last point, but it’s MapleStory, so yeah, probably.

The Striker class uses fists and feet of fury to knock around foes at close range, and every player will receive a free character slot so they can try it out. Rank 2 job skills are another perk that all characters receive, which should make the level grind from 60 to 70 a little easier.

If it’s ease you’re looking for, though, stay away from the game’s new dungeons and raids. Six Hard dungeons and three Chaos raids will put adventurers to the test, as well as the Eye of Lapenta, a new storyline with even harder dungeons. Clearing them nets you Lapenshards, which you can equip to gain new passive and active powers, as well as Ascendant gear for clearing the dungeons’ last boss.

Log in before June 26 to receive a Striker Daily Wonder item, as well as various other daily login bonuses, including mounts and skins. Learn more about today’s expansion on the MapleStory 2 site.

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