Marvel Heroes' "Biggest Update Ever" Now Live

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

Gazillion's been pushing the hype train into overdrive the past few days, pumping up the "Biggest Update Ever" for Marvel Heroes. That's not my exaggeration; it's the official name being applied to today's update, which radically alters many different aspects of the superhero MMOARPG. I guess you could say they're making ... a gazillion changes.

Fortunately, you don't need Cerebro to parse through it all. You can find dev blogs for all the big changes on the Marvel Heroes site:

Heroes. Every hero sees a revision to his or her power set, with the goal of offering more meaningful choices in builds. Power Points are gone, Talents are replacing Specializations, and Cyclops is an interesting character. Whoops, sorry, made that last one up. Even a revamp on this scale can only do so much.

Items. Changes to heroes necessitate changes to items and how they function. There's also a new rarity level, Omega, which allow players to modify their powers. And how will you get those items?

Difficulty slider. There's a new difficulty slider for instances, which let you experience greater challenges for greater rewards, including those Omega items. Going hand in hand with the new slider is Bonus Item Find, or BIF, which lets you fill up a bar as you play to get even more rewards -- something I talked about at length a little while back.

The Infinity System. The last major addition to the game, the Infinity System, replaces Omega Points as the means of post-level 60 advancement. It simplifies the old system while allowing for stronger-themed, more meaningful choices for character progression.

It's a lot to soak in all at once, and things aren't likely to work 100% as planned, but Marvel Heroes' Biggest Update Ever certainly lives up to the billing. Jump in and let us know what you think!

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Discussion (6)

Detestt 7 years ago

huskofitaformalself 7 years ago
This is a case of to little to late? I played this game since beta the lack of new content is far and in between. Instead of new content they kept redoing the tutorial of the game. Heroes that needed to fixed like poor luke cage went ignored. Heroes who were too op like rogue who could do danger room tournaments better then all the others was left like that. The end game raids are too few where people have been waiting well over a year+ for a new one or harder one, instead they get this. I dunno after doomsaw and brevik left it kinda just slid down a hill and it doesn't look like it will climb back up anytime soon.

They nerfed my favorite, Nightcrawler, way heavy. :(

Keesasha 7 years ago
They released this without revamping the loot, so doing the harder content provides little xp and worse loot than the easiest content....
If you wanna try this game, just don't, not until the loot is fixed.

MarvelHeroesR.I.P 7 years ago
Biggest Update Fails 2017: Marvel Heroes 2016 . IGN 0/10 "Don't Download"

Lel 7 years ago
Great! The game became repetitive after a while. Glad they changed the whole system.

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