It’s almost time to go to war in Conqueror’s Blade, a new wargame by Chinese developer Booming Games, which heads into open beta next week. Conqueror’s Blade pits medieval armies from all around the world against each other in epic, large-scale battles across vast maps.

Players will lead a general and a legion of up to 40 troops into battle, each with their own skills and battle formations, such as Shield Wall. There’s a large variety of soldiers available, from Tatar light cavalry to Swiss halberdiers to Japanese naginata warriors, and they’ll all come together for some truly gigantic battles.

How gigantic? The website is a little bare of tangible info, but one write-up says the game has 5v5 and 15v15 arena-style battles, as well as “a vast sandbox landscape several thousand kilometers wide, where players seek to conquer lands and reign over their own Kingdom.”

That’s all the good news. The not-as-good news is that the localization is likely to be very messy. Listed weapons include the “pollaxe” (“Can I axe you a question?”) and you can see the “trailor” below.

If you can overcome those hurdles, and many others that are likely to creep into the semi-English version of the game, it could be really cool. The open beta begins Jan. 26, and you can sign up on the game’s website.

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  1. So it’s going to be F2P after all? I haven’t seen anyone get the devs to confirm or deny anything beyond “it won’t be pay to win”.


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