If you’re hyped for NCSoft’s upcoming MOBA, Master X Master, what you probably want to see is how the individual masters play. NCSoft knows that and has started showing off its masters in a series of introductory videos, the latest of which was posted to YouTube today.

Sizuka is a close-quarters assassin who darts in and out of combat, using her deadly blades to pick off stragglers and bleed them to death. She’s got plenty of ways to get in and out of combat quickly, and if she isolates on you, you’d better call in reinforcements quickly before she takes you down.

That stands in stark contrast to Taejin, a front-line soldier who was revealed a couple of weeks ago. With his AoE damage skills and a buff skill that ups allies’ move speed and attack damage, Taejin excels in larger fights. WildStar fans, watch for Taejin taking out a chua near the end of his intro video below. Then plot your sweet, sweet revenge…

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  1. i see some characters from B&S and Sizuka ultimate ability its kind like a old Fiora ult from League of Legends 😀


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