First there was free-to-play Echo of Soul. Then there was buy-to-play Echo of Soul. And soon — maybe — there will yet another version of Echo of Soul, operated by gamigo, which owns Aeria Games, which published the original F2P EoS, as opposed to Blue Potion Games, which controls the B2P version. Confused yet?

This new version, or maybe just an update, is called Echo of Soul: The Blue and will be available on the LINE Pod platform in North America, Europe, Turkey, Russia, South America, and CIS countries. That’s what MMO Culture is reporting today “According to the South Korean media outlets.” Four months ago, they reported that The Blue would be a revamp of Blue Potion’s pay-to-play version of the game, published by Kakao. So now I’m confused.

I’ve searched around a little for sources of the original news and can’t find any — and MMO Culture doesn’t link to theirs — so your guess is as good as mine as to exactly what Echo of Soul: The Blue really is. Just consider this fair warning if another version of the game suddenly pops up.


  1. My concern is that Gamigo out of all companies got the game, but if it’s going to be very similar to the original, like gender locked classes and genric gameplay, I won’t feel bad since I probably won’t play it for more than an hour.


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