It will always be a slow news day when the editor’s PC decides to have a meltdown. Computers seem so fickle today, one minute your changing out a fan and the next minute your having to replace your motherboard.

But late news is better than no news and I aim to deliver. Prior to my electronic catastrophe, I caught wind of a new trailer for Bigpoint’s MOBA Merc Elite. While there was initially speculation on how the shooter MOBA would handle, we can now see it will retain a similar camera perspective while adding additional cover mechanics, tweaked “fog of war” and directional attacks similar to those found in other top down shooters.

One of the first things you may notice is the lack of auto attacks, a mechanic we often overlook, but one that most MOBAs utilize. No auto attacks make sense given Merc Elite is a shooter, instead players can fire their weapon while free aiming with their mouse. The fog of war is no longer fog, but instead a vision range bound by line of sight. The moment you turn a corner your vision shifts to view the stretch of visible area in front of you and as you move forward, your vision behind you diminishes in a cone, making it easy for an enemy to sneak into a blind spot if you aren’t careful.

The game certainly has more of a shooter vibe then MOBA, as I saw no signs of lanes or creeps, but instead found domination to be the trumpeted game mode. That’s not to say a MOBA needs those things to be a true moba, but besides individual classes having access to a set of activatable abilities, the game seems to lend itself more towards a top down shooter set in an arena. And what shooter isn’t set in some sort of “arena”?

Still, the game posses some interesting gameplay and I’m sure many of us welcome the idea of a MOBA that attempts to stray away from mechanics that others seem so eager to copy instead.

The closed beta is currently underway with signups open on the official site here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Nice trailer. 0:47 my favorite skill 🙂
    I like the game very much and the fact that you get most of the info you need very easily while playing. Like the area protected by cover for example at 0:19. There are parts that need some improvements (is CB after all), but i definitely enjoyed it very much until now.

  2. There were a lot of players in BETA yesterday, about 89, but there’s only 3 active games.

    I tried the game, it’s good for a browser game. The only thing I hate though is how OP that heavy guy with machine gun; he have the fire-rate, health and defense on his side, not to mention that rpg shit that take 1/4 of hp all the time…

    I also hate the UI.

    But hey, these are just my opinion really. You should try it, the idea is unique and refreshing.

    • For this stage of the game it is very balanced in comparison to other games in early CB, but yes, there are times when some classes seem to strong. Always remember to go for cover, taking 1 damage instead of 8 it does make a big difference. Depends what class you are playing, but when possible in a team fight is good to flank them. If the enemy is in open field is also good to engage if you are on a higher ground, you will take less damage then him. Compared to other MOBAs positioning in Merc Elite is much more important.
      And the most important thing capture and hold the points 😀
      Finished a game recently 16 kills 0 deaths 10 assists and 11 captures and still lost the game. It was a fair 5v5 match, i had a good team, but somehow they still held the points for longer. Cap and hold as game objective does change a MOBA a lot.

  3. how do i get a beta key for this game i really want to try it out i registered my mail in the web but still no beta key any1 help please? :/

    • you have to wait untill they send you an email with the key if they choosed you good luck and wish me luck too the game looks pretty well made and I am not really into mobas but this !

  4. it takes long because no one liked the game, when i got beta key and got in the game in 30 sec, but i couldn’t finish even one match, this game is terrible, its not moba its more like 2D shooter better to play counter strike 2d then this crap.

    • it doesn’t look like that :/ but even after what you said I am still interested in it I don’t think that is the reason why people can’t find matches

    • It is not that bad. Yes first game seemed weird for me to, since i got so used to the usual moba concepts, the dota-like ones. This game gives MOBA a different face and after a few games i started to enjoy it more and more. The capture and hold is very different from the laining concept, but i think Merc Elite is a very good game. Cash shop is gonna be interesting to see what is gonna offer, since for now it uses the WoT upgrades/tiers idea with the experience and elite status. I’m only advancing from tier 2 to tier 3 now and it already requires some farming. For now healing the soldier after battle and repairing does not seem to hurt, but in WoT was the same. Might get expensive at higher levels. That is left to be seen.
      Other then that the game is good. Been enjoying it very much.

      • For me, as an outsider to the moba genre, and the problem of this genre is moba games feel like “copy-paste” of each other, therefore, you say you got used to the dota-like concept, this game probably feels a lot different (hard for me say, as I didn’t get the chance to play it). Probably because it’s different, people have hard time to accept the concept of merc elite, because it stray away from the usual fantasy settings and the dota\LoL mechanics. That’s why some of the comments here say there’s a low player base.

  5. Tried it yesterday.
    It takes AGES to get in to the game, and as said before, there are not that many people playing so far. Hopefully things will change for the better, because the in itself (when you finally get in to battle) is a LOT of fun.

    Reminds me of Kill Zone for PSP.

  6. Probably the only moba I’m willing to try because, as the author of the article wrote, this game seems to stray away from the mechanics other moba games copy.

  7. It has a nice concept I joined the first match but the lag was unbearable.
    So can’t comment much, but I really enjoyed the tutorial.

  8. Well not a lot of people has gotten into closed beta lol. I have it, but i only see 7 users online, and 0 battles. :/, I really want to try it though, seems fun.

    • I have only played in the last 3 days or so, for a total of 4 hours, but i never seen under 30 ppl online. Most i seen was around 80 or so (at least during EU daytime). Since the CB servers are from EU, maybe there are less ppl online during night. I didn’t played at that time yet. Seen some of the devs in chat and they said they gonna have servers all around the world until launch. And it does require at least 10 people to make a match, that why you did not found any. You can try to log in at a different time to try to the game, until they increase the number of players they invite.


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