Steampunk-influenced MMORPG Argo Online is gearing up this April 10th, announcing that they are soon to head into their Closed Beta stage. The games development continues under a a new publisher,, with some fresh content and a couple of new systems.

In the 23rd century, a destructive 4th world war has left only two factions remaining upon the chaos that is the planet earth; the Noblian and the Floressiah. The steampunk influenced Noblian faction harnesses machinery as their form of warfare, while the Floressiah use the natural forces of the universe, creating a perfect dichotomy of Machine vs. Nature.

Argo features 16 different classes, giving players a decent amount of gameplay options from the get-go. Character creation features many changeable aesthetic values, giving each individual the opportunity to stand out as their own. Along with Guild Housing and a Castle War Siege system, Argo Online takes players and throws them into an in depth future world of mechanical and mystical turbulence.

Closed Beta sign-ups are now available at the Argo Online official website.

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  1. Yay! I loved this game back at alaplaya even tho it had its problems (memory leaks, crappy servers, alaplaya, …) But the combination of mmorpg with rts components made this game catch me.
    I hope the new publisher made a quick run through the code to fix tge memory leaks and will spend some money on decent servers, then this game might have a great comeback!

    Nevertheless im waiting for it!

  2. How is this revamp any different than before? The graphics still look dated, same classes, same UI. I don’t see anything different. I played the game to level 20 or so and by then I was just bored of the system.

  3. Three years ago, I tried it. Concept was interesting and if I was going to give a rating of 1 through 10, I would give it a 6. If they’re fixing anything on that game for todays hardware, I would give it another try since its been three years. Otherwise, generic RPG and okay voice acting.

  4. I remember this game. the gameplay is okish 4-5/10. but the problem was that it will burn out your pc. this game is extremly intensive to run and its absolutely not worth it for the quality. Its not good. if it was bad then, it is still bad now. there is very little fixing from alpha to release phase. nothing ever gets done.. I will not play this again..

  5. interesting i will give this a shot the fact that it gives u lots of options(16 classes)actually catched my attention the most

    • It’s basically only 8 classes. There are 2 faction with 8 classes each. The only difference between the classes for each faction is that they are renamed, have their skills renamed, & are re-skinned, but basically still the same 8 classes.

      • ye when i posted the comment above i had not entered their official website yet after i read your comment i checked it out myself and it seems you are right but still 8 classes is also pretty good and i like having “preset”(sorta speak)classes i am not really the kind of guy that bothers to “Make” a class like some games give u the option theres no classes u make your class or choose skills u wanna have and so on.The bad part on that is that if u lets say have classes made for u by the game sometimes one class can be overpowered like when i used to play raiderz the wizard class there(pvp wise)was pretty op(not sure if its still like that though)so i think u get my point

  6. No game ever should be discontinued, its a terriblething to do to those who play them and have invested time and dedication in it. i wish also iris online and black prophecy to come back one day to f2p gaming world.

      • Problem is that all those companies only know plain ways of making their beloved money and those ways ain’t always working and/or liked by players etc etc.
        They should invent more cleverly made ways to make their money then no game will ever close down. But i don’t think any of them really want to bother researching new methods, it usually takes a visionary to open their eyes, chew the food for them so they can just take it and swallow it, so to speak.

  7. This was pretty fun. Really hope they made it better. At least it’s a different type of scenario. steam punk is all ways nice to see.

  8. Another publisher… õ.O
    I liked from what i saw back there, gotta test it again.
    can’t remember right now… but it was alaplaya the previous publisher? Didn’t played enough because of lag, let’s see what happens this time.


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