In order to offer current Early Access players a better player experience, Metro Conflict: The Origin developer Red Duck, Inc. has decided to discontinue Early Access in favor of a “basic” free-to-play package. As explained in the announcement, Western audiences were apparently confused or just put off by the company’s effort to bring in more players via a demo/trial version that ran alongside Early Access. Since it wasn’t working as planned and failed in bringing in more players and improving matchmaking in the shooter, Red Duck has opted to implement this transition instead.

While they haven’t stated an exact date for the transition, they’re waiting for the Steam page to update, the developer has laid out a plan for it. One of the apparent goals is to continue to make Early Access worth it to those who have already paid for it. The plan is as follows:

  • Early Access (Full Character package) users will retain their rights as EA participants and continue to possess all game progress without the concern of data wipe.
  • Early Access is scheduled to be discontinued once the Steam Store page is modified to display the 3-character basic Free to Play package as the main download option.
  • Metro Conflict: The Origin will be visible to everyone as a Free to Play game through Steam platform with an optional ‘Full Agents Package’ DLC.
  • ‘Full Agents Package’ is a separate downloadable content which will grant Free Access users with 9 additional Agents, character oriented weapons, and 440,000 in-game gold for $19.99.

In addition, Red Duck is offering Early Access players exclusive skins as a “Thank You” for their support. If you’d like to check out the game, or grab Early Access before it’s removed, check out the game’s official Steam Page.

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  1. is this another dirty bomb alike ? we already have overwatch, DE’s fps game too, I wonder when we will have another “new game experience”

    • To be fair, it was originally released almost at the same time (within 20 days) as Dirty Bomb. Either way this re-release was a mistake I think, especially in a buy-to-play form. Switching it back to F2P won’t do them much good now that it’s already more dead than Lawbreakers.

      • my o my . . . I did remember Lawbreakers was giving out for 60% discount not even 2 or 3 month after it was released, good god what is happening with the game industry


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