So, yeah…according to TechRadar last year, with an estimated 2 billion computers in circulation, about 1.26% (about a little over 25 million) of them still use Windows XP. Remember that OS? That’s the one Microsoft killed off in 2014 and hasn’t seen a single update or security improvement since then. Now I don’t know if many gamers appear on the list of users for Windows XP these days, but just in case, here’s a bit of an update for those of you that may still stunningly fall into this category of gamer.

Effective June 8th, so a little less than a month from now, those of you wandering around through Middle-earth on the back of the Windows XP operating system will either have to upgrade Windows (finally) or abandon the game altogether. In an official forum post, the Standing Stone Games team announced that Lord of the Rings Online will discontinue operating on Windows XP. What seems weird to me is that a large number of fixes and changes have been going into the game lately (not to mention events) that presumably would have included keeping the game playable on this platform only to drop it now with a month’s warning, but here we are, I guess!

Seriously though, get that operating system updated if this applies to you…you’ve been playing a risky game on your PC for this long using XP.


  1. I’d loved to see a amiga running again…the joys of memories. possible, ahhhh! when you actually see it agian.


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