TERA’s new Brawler class is arriving soon (December 8th to be exact), and En Masse has decided to share the exciting details with us in this exclusive class overview. The overview offers a look at the new class abilities as well as showing off the necessity to have a real grasp of how to use them effectively. It also highlights how the Brawler will fare against BAMs, bosses, and even in PvP.

The Brawler makes use of massive powerfists while executing combos, knock-backs and more in battle. Her abilities allow her to directly take on bosses and BAMs while standing her ground.

The Brawler may have begun as a simple blacksmith’s daughter, but now, she uses the strength she gained at the forge in her battles. Her Powerfists are inspired by the large reinforced gloves her father used while blacksmithing — allowing him to grab hot metal straight out of the fire. Now, she honors her father’s memory while making sure her enemies remember her.

More information on the free-to-play game’s new tank is available on the TERA site.

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